IP Security Cameras

Video surveillance and security are extremely important for businesses. We can work with you to design an IP security camera system to meet the needs of your business without being overly expensive. We can evaluate the best options for you and include desirable features, such as the ability to view live footage and recordings remotely from your smart phone.

Email Setup and Configuration

Having a professional business email is an important part of your branding to customers and helps them recognize that they are dealing with who they are intending to. We are well equipped to help you migrate to many of the major, hosted-email solutions, including Microsoft's Office 365 and Google's G Suite.

HD Video Editing

Recently had an event that you recorded, but don't have someone to edit it down into a professional presentation? We are skilled in a variety of video editing platforms, from Adobe Premiere to Pinnacle Studios and Cyberlink PowerDirector. We can turn your raw footage into a professional video!

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